Why You Need to Learn English?


Are we living on Mars? If not, then you should learn English because you are staying on Earth. The major language that used by major people all around the world is English. So, it is the major bridge that connects people. It is a mind tool for people to communicate. We should learn English since now, to create a better future.


Learn English as Communication Tool for All

There are many languages all around the world. However, the major language that used the most is English. Do you wonder why?  It’s because USA is the major country for development and industry. They involve in many fields and they control the whole market all around the world. But, they use English for communication.learn-english-for-everyone

In this global, English is the official language of 53 countries. English is also used by 400 million people around the world to communicate. It is 4/73 populations in the world and it’s stunned.


Learn for Education Purpose

Every school is using English as a tool for teaching. You learn SPM Mathematics and Science subjects in English. Though, you might feel more comfortable to learn it in other languages. However, you will find more reference are edited in English. So do the posts in this blog. English is used a lot to explain science theories. Many documents are printed in English. English is fairly quick and easy to learn compared to other languages.life-in-form-6-books

By learning English, you can learn the culture of other countries. These experiences make you a different person, learning new things and maybe can change your mindset.


Learn English for Industrial Purpose

Normally, English is used in media industry. Do you know one out of five people can speak or understand English? So, it’s known as the international language (lingua franca). Imagine if you can understand English, speak fluent English and get ‘pro’ in it, you don’t even need any subtitles when watching movies or translations at all. You can enjoy your favorite books, music and can play games which are in English.

If you can speak a fluent English, a lot of jobs opportunities are waiting for you. Then, you might grab a chance to work with multinational companies. But, remember, that does not guarantee a job for you.



Now, you can clearly know how the future looks like, and how it works. The world will make English as their main tool for learning, working and teaching. Do you think learning English is important? If you think so, subscribe our website and promote to your friends to help them realise how important English is. Thank you for reading!

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