Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah (Kertas Percubaan Sejarah) 8


Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah (Kertas Percubaan Sejarah) collects all of the sejarah trial paper 2015 provided by all Malaysia states. Download all the papers with Skema Jawapan in the link below!

Tema Umum for Kertas 3 Sejarah SPM 2015 has announced by the board of examination recently. Do take a look at the theme:

Tema Umum : Kemunculan dan Perkembangan Nasionalisme Sehingga Perang Dunia Kedua.

Or, download the Tema Umum for Kertas 3 Sejarah SPM 2015 on Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia.

Also, do check for the other trial spm 2015 paper here. All of the papers come with the answer!


Update of Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah Paper (24/9/2015).

I would update this table each time I upload a new Sejarah Trial Paper.  You can get all the info about kertas percubaan sejarah in the table. 

States/ School.Paper.Date updated.
Kelantan1, 2 and 3.24/9/2015
SBP1, 2 and 3.24/9/2015
Terengganu1 and 224/9/2015
Perlis2 and 3.05/10/2015
Limbang, Sarawak2 and 3.05/10/2015

For a better downloading experience, please use Chrome or Mozilla FireFox browser. This is to ensure that you won’t meet any problem during the process. To download the sejarah paper, click the link below. Then, you would be redirected to our sponsor link. Wait for 5 seconds and click “Skip ads”. Now, you can download the trial paper for free!

Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah – Kelantan.

Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah – Perlis.

The trial paper for Perlis is uploaded on 5 October 2015. Only paper 2 is provided. The paper 3 is provided with skema jawapan.



Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah – Sarawak (Limbang).

The trial paper for Limbang, Sarawak is uploaded on 5 October 2015. No paper 1 is provided.


Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah – SBP.

Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah – Terengganu.

Please note that for Terengganu paper, there would be Bahan Kecemerlangan 1 to 12. However, we only managed to gather BK 1. If you got other papers to contribute, please mail to [email protected].


Trial SPM 2015 Sejarah (Kertas Percubaan Sejarah) provides Kertas 1,2 and 3 of the papers. Remember to visit here frequently to get the latest update of the trial papers!

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