Trial SPM 2015 Chemistry (Kertas Percubaan Kimia) 1

Trial SPM 2015 Chemistry (Kertas Percubaan Kimia) is a collection of all trial spm 2015 chemistry paper from all states of Malaysia. I will complete this list as soon as possible, if you have any trial spm paper not in this list, please kindly email to [email protected] .

Why you need SPM Trial Paper? Let’s do this as a practice and find out what is coming in the SPM 2015. SBP and Terengganu papers are the most popular paper in all the years! Head over to Trial SPM 2015 Bahasa Melayu paper to download them now!

Update of Trial SPM 2015 Chemistry Paper (11/9/2015)

For each update of trial spm chemistry paper, I would mention here. Please refer to the table below for the chemistry paper.

Sekolah Berasrama Penuh 11/9/2015


Trial SPM 2015 Chemistry – SBP

Let’s have a look on some of the HOTS question in Sekolah Berasrama Penuh chemistry paper. I would share with you only the Paper 2 question as it’s more challenging!

Look at this picture, what method would you suggest to this boy? Remember, after giving the answer, explain it! Want to know the answer? Download the answer scheme right now!


A cold pack may help him, but how? Explain it!



Then, what about this question? I would say this question is quite hard, you need to apply chemistry knowledge you have learnt before.


Is this sound like the latex coagulation?


Trial SPM 2015 Chemistry – Terengganu

I wonder if you have spilled any chemicals in the lab? I have broken a thermometer and the mercury was all over the floor. If so, how are you going to clean the acid?



Remember neutralisation? Apply it!




This is another HOTS question in the Terengganu Trial SPM Chemistry 2015. However, this is more likely a common sense that you have to know!


Please note that the chemistry trial paper from Terengganu does not contain paper 3. It would be uploaded in short.



Trial SPM 2015 Chemistry (Kertas Percubaan Kimiawould be updated every time there is a new paper available. Come back frequently to find out more!

Special thanks to and cikguadura for the papers!

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