Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah and Answer


Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah with answer is now provided! All of the papers are attached with the answer scheme. The skema jawapan is prepared by the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri. Some papers are included with the question and answer of Sejarah Kertas 3.

If you have the other sejarah percubaan paper, please contribute here or mail to [email protected] . Thank you for your contribution! If you encounter problem when downloading the file, comment below.

The spm trial sejarah paper is uploaded on Google Drive, click the link below to view it. You would first be directed to the sponsor link. Wait for 5 seconds, then Click Skip Ads. Enjoy the SPM Paper!

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Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Johor (Sekolah Tinggi Kluang)

This paper is from Sekolah Tinggi Kluang in Johor. It is a famous cluster school. Let’s look at the essay question.



12 marks out of 20 needs thinking skills. Could you answer this? Try it now!


Kertas Percubaan SPM 2014 Sejarah Kedah

Kertas 3 Sejarah with answer is provided.

Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Melaka

Kertas 3 with answer is provided. This paper is combined by 2 schools. Which are SMJK Pulau Serbang (Paper 1) and SMK Ghafar Baba (Paper 2 and 3).

Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Melaka (Kolej Yayasan Saad)

There are at least 1 HOTS question in each essay question. There would be more KBAT in this coming SPM 2015.



Remember, there is no right or wrong when answering KBAT question. If your answer is logic or “munasabah”, then it would be accepted by the teachers.


Kertas Percubaan SPM 2014 Sejarah Pahang


Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Perak

Only paper 2 is provided. If you have the kertas 1 and 3, please contribute here.

Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Perlis

Look at this subjective question in Perlis Sejarah paper.




You can see it clearly, 6 marks out of 10 are HOTS-related question. The KBAT question consists 60% of this paper. This is likely to be happened in this coming SPM 2015. Don’t be afraid when you see this, just write down whatever answer you can think. Be prepared for it!

Only paper 2 is provided. Do contribute the paper 1 and 3 to complete this collection.


Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Pulau Pinang

Kertas 3 with answer is provided.


Kertas Percubaan SPM 2014 Sejarah Sekolah Berasrama Penuh

Kertas 3 Sejarah with answer is provided. Must Try paper to all students!


Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Terengganu

Take a look on the example.




In Terengganu paper, 40% of questions are KBAT-related. If you see the keyword “berdasarkan pengetahuan anda”, the answer could possible found in the textbook.

Kertas 3 Sejarah with answer is provided.



The Trial SPM Sejarah 2014 from these states are the typical SPM question. In SPM 2014, the sejarah paper is full of HOTS question. There is about 40% of KBAT question and it would be increased to 60% this year. If you wish to score higher marks in SPM 2015, try the papers. Practice more on the HOTS and KBAT question. This would help you a lot in the coming spm examinations.

Finish all these papers for the coming SPM 2015. Be prepared for it! Could you answer them correctly? Comment below.

If you like to practice more spm trial 2014 paper, visit here.

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