Trial SPM 2014 Physics (Percubaan Fizik 2014)


Trial SPM 2014 Physics (Percubaan Fizik SPM 2014) is a collection of trial spm physics paper from 13 states in Malaysia. Why should you practice on trial paper? You can easily adapt to the current spm trend. This include KBAT or current issue.

So far, I have collected the Kertas Percubaan 2014 Fizik  from Kedah, Melaka, MRSM, Pahang, Pulau Pinang, Sarawak, SBP and Terengganu. If you have any physics paper from other states, please contribute to here.

All of the documents are saved in Google drive, click the link below for preview. You would first be directed to our sponsor link. Skip the ads after 5 seconds. Then, click the download icon if you wish to download.


Kertas Percubaan Kedah


Trial SPM 2014 Physics Melaka

This Melaka trial paper consists mostly of the past year questions. Try this to practice on the SPM common question!


Trial SPM 2014 Physics MRSM

The MRSM trial paper is considered the most difficult paper compared to the other. Let’s have a look on some of the HOTS question:


The question no.11 in paper 2, shows an abandoned pond. You have been assigned to design a water theme park at there. What is your suggestion? Remember, apply the physics concept of wave in your design.


Trial SPM 2014 Physics Pahang


Trial SPM 2014 Physics Pulau Pinang

At question 10 e, the modification aspects are given 3 instead of 5. Therefore, the examiners would like you to think out of the box. Let’s see if the answer provided is same with yours?


Trial SPM 2014 Physics Sarawak

This set of Sarawak Trial SPM Physics paper is published by SMK Merbau Miri. If you have any other Sarawak state trial paper, please let me know.


Trial SPM 2014 Physics Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP)

The trial paper from SBP in 2014 is considered as quite common. There’s not much HOTS question in this paper. You may find it comparatively easier than the MRSM trial paper.


Trial SPM 2014 Physics Terengganu

Most questions in Terengganu paper are alike to the past year papers. However, the experiment planning in Paper 3 is quite challenging. trial-spm-2014-physics-terengganu


Let’s try this! How would you plan this experiment? And check with the skema as below.


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The Trial SPM 2014 Physics (Kertas Percubaan Fizik 2014) is full of HOTS and KBAT question. However, there isn’t much HOTS question in the SPM 2014 Physics paper. Therefore, you are advised to understand more of the KBAT concept. This is because it has higher possibility to face more HOTS question in this coming SPM 2015.

Remember, practice more on Terengganu, SBP and MRSM papers as those questions are more alike to the coming spm trends.


I hereby, would like to give credit to the source of all these papers. Special thanks to all of them!

  • SMJK Nan Hwa Sitiawan Perak
  • CH’NG Tuition Blogspot
  • Cikgu Adura

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