THE STAR EDUCATION FUND SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS – My Scholarship Application Experience

Application Experience - The Star Education Fund Scholarship

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Let me give you an introduction to The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards before I begin my application experience. This scholarship program is offered under the collaboration between Star Media Group with the educational institutions in Malaysia. The higher education institution will bear the cost of sponsorship while The Star acts as a media partner. For more details of this scholarship, please visit The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards page.

Let’s get back to my application experience now. I have obtained the information about The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards through a website named Further Study Interactive (升学情报). It’s a website written in Chinese that shares higher education information. The biggest motivation for me to apply to this scholarship is to lighten my parents’ financial burden. I hope I can get funding for my tertiary education without burdening my parents. The scholarship application ends in March every year. I had gone through two stages in the application process, which is completing the application form and attending the interview held by the higher education institution.

Pre-Stage: Research on the Courses of Study

Before beginning the application, I had done massive research on the courses that I intend to study. When you are deciding what courses to pursue in your degree, make sure you have a passion to follow suit the path. Keep in mind that you are going to stick with the courses for another 3 or 4 years in your life. After deciding the course, I started finding which sponsoring institutions are offering the course. There might be several institutions sponsoring similar courses, hence, you need to choose one of them. Remember, only those courses and institutions listed on The Star Education Fund webpage would be accepted.

Stage 1: Completing the Application Form

After deciding the course and institution that I would like to enrol in, I began filling up the scholarship application form. As there wasn’t any online application portal, I had to print out the form. The form requires me to fill in my personal details, educational qualifications, medical conditions and family background. There was an essay needed in the application process, which requires me to state the details of my extra-curricular activities and a personal statement stating my reasons to apply for this scholarship. However, you need to be referred by 2 referees who are not related to you. Remember to find someone who can be your referees beforehand!

I used my SPM results to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship allows me to apply to a pre-university course using my SPM results and allows me to continue my degree course in the institution. You may apply to the scholarship for your pre-university, diploma, undergraduate course or even Master level courses!

Stage 2: Interview by the Panels from the Higher Education Institution (Final Stage)

Several weeks after the application submission, I received an email from UCSI University calling me for an interview. It was a great surprise! Only shortlisted students are called up to attend an interview with each higher education institutions.

The interview took place at the North Wing of UCSI University (now known as UCSI College) which located at Taman Tayton, Cheras. On the interview day, I saw a lot of students waiting for their turn to be interviewed. It’s an individual interview session that took place between the candidate and two panels from UCSI. I had been waiting nervously at the waiting area for my turn. Finally, an admin called my name! Entering the interview room, were two panels, one of them is the Head of UCSI Trust and another is the Head of Department for the course I have applied for.

The interview began with my introduction. Then, the panels asked about my family background. As they wanted to know the candidates’ personality, all these questions are typical during a scholarship interview. I also told them why I wanted to pursue an Actuarial Science degree at their university. At last, there comes a killer question. They asked me what if I wasn’t selected for this scholarship? What is my plan on it? I told them sincerely about my backup plan and why is this scholarship so important to me.

Waiting for the result through Email

The interview ended, and I went back to my hometown. I was told by the panels that there were a lot of applicants for the scholarship. There were only limited scholarships for each course. I thought the chance for me to get the scholarship is very minimal.

However, Lady Luck was with me! Two weeks later, I had received an email stating my scholarship application was successful! The scholarship covers both my pre-university and undergraduate tuition fees in UCSI University. I was not only being accepted to the University, but I can also pursue a fully funded tertiary education! It was a true blessing to me and my family.

Remember, following your passion and interest to keep your motivation going!

Tan Phei Yee, Scholar of The Star Education Fund Scholarship Award

Bottom Line

Although the scholarship application process might be tedious to you, the result can be fruitful. I suggest you choose wisely for the courses that you want to pursue. Also, research thoroughly on the job prospect of this course. Remember, following your passion and interest to keep your motivation going! Always get yourself prepared before the interview, so that you can answer all the questions confidently. Good luck with your scholarship application!

Author Information

Phei Yee is currently a recipient of The Star Education Fund Scholarship Award. She is a final year Actuarial Science student at UCSI University. If you intend to contact her for more details on this scholarship, you can comment below or contact our team at and we will forward the message to her!

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