10 Things Student Must Do Before 20


As a student, what would you do after your graduation from SPM? Or even you are still struggling for your SPM 2016, it’s impossible for you to study all the time. You should do something that is more meaningful from now onwards! And now, I will show you the 10 Things Student Must Do Before Turning 20.


1)Read more books


As you can see, this world is keep changing and moving forward like a wheel. So, as a student, if you stop reading books after graduated, you are already dragging backward. Knowledge is the thing that can help you to keep in pace with other people. Knowledge you gain from books can help to broaden your view and perception about something. Warren Buffett, the third richest man in the world. He is a business magnate, investor and he spends almost 80% of his daily times to study books. He keeps his computer and mobile phone away from his desk, so he can focus what he is reading. Bill Gates has a his own website called www.gatesnotes.com . In that website, Bill Gates will recommend the books that he reads in a summer. He can even read them from day until night.


2) Make more friends


If you want further, make a team and go with you. When you are studying in university, you will really get a lot chances to know many people due to joining different clubs and organizing different kind of events. These friends can bring you fun for your university lifetime. You can complete your assignments with them. You can also study with them, sharing knowledge becomes easier and maybe you can start some small business. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the Facebook, who was the student of Harvard University. He created the Facebook when he was a student in that university with his friend who is Eduardo Saverin.


3) Keep your body healthy


Keep doing exercise everyday at least 20 mins. This can make your brain more active. Being a student with tons of homework and assignment will make you tired and exhausted. So, do some exercise to relief stress. When you are having exam around the corner, drink coffee can make you energized and continue your study. But I have to admit that, drinking too much of caffeine drinks are not good for your health but drinking one cup of coffee per day is still acceptable. According scientific investigation, a student can at least drink 3 cups of coffee per day. Some of the people, they even drink more than that without any issues. Eat balanced diet especially the exam is coming, don’t eat too much of fried foods, you will get fever. Eat more fruits and vegetable instead.


4) Learn how to manage your time


“Your time on Earth is limited, so don’t waste in living other people else life.” quoted by Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple company. Time is too prominent to a student. So, plan your schedule to do things is a useful skill. Learn it before it’s too late. Plan the time you play games, plan the time you study, plan the time you sleep, plan the time you using to do exercise. Schedule your time can help you to monitor your time that you spent. Avoid doing things that will waste your time and give you nothing.


5) Spending less time on social network


Social network including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more. Those friends you added, some of them are fake friends who you maybe don’t recognize them. Surfing these social network will only make you become more addicted to them. If you don’t believe, let’s count the time you spend on this social network. Spending suitable amount of time on these network is still appropriate but don’t be too much.



6) Trust that school grades can secure a student’s future.


Maybe you heard before that “Grades cannot determine your future. Grades are not important.” I have to admit that grades cannot determine your future but it definitely can secure your future. Try to think like that, if you have an interview with one of the top 100 famous companies in the world. What makes you think that you get a that job? Among those students who also seeking for jobs, one holding with a SPM result, one holding PT3, one holding with STPM certificate or any college foundation certificates and you are holding a Bachelor’s degree. You are definitely outstanding. Grades are just like the sweat after you training yourself in a gym center. The harder your train, the better muscular lines you have and the healthier you are. The better the grades you get, the brighter the future you have. If you are honest to yourself, it might indicate that you are developing the knowledge and skills needed for the world. The school should be the place you explore yourself and find the stuff you passionate about and equally passionately do stuff that you don’t like because it will help in the future. Try to count how many students graduated from universities, then you will be able what you should be doing right now.



7) Develop your communication skills


Language isn’t just a language for you to communicate, it also helps you to transmit the information to the people that around you. In university, you have to do assignment and you have to present in front of many people. Communication skills play an important role for letting people to know what you want to tell them. In career field, it helps you get your jobs. It helps you to let people to put loyalty on you.


8) Develop your confidence


You can’t be a coward all the time, right? So from now on, try to develop your confidence. Confidence starts from trusting yourself. Trust yourself in doing everything, set your mindset that you can do it excellently. You wouldn’t be able to know everything you are doing is wrong or right because you can only in future. Confidently express your opinions and let other people to know what you are thinking. Confidence also important when you becoming a leader. If you want to become a leader, then develop your confidence. Let your followers to hear what you want to express and let them follow you.


9) Learn how to manage your money


Manage your money is a skill that you won’t be able to learn in the school. It can only be learned from books. Some people will comment that “Money can’t buy happiness.” But is that true? Money can’t buy happiness, but happiness needs money. Do you know that for every 10 teenagers, there are 7 teenagers are bankrupt? This is serious. So, you either become one of them or learn how to manage your money.


10) Determine your goals


In life, you got to do so many things. In fact, you got find something you are passion and care about, something you get fun where you doing them. “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” quote from Yogi Berra. Students need motivation to move. You need idea to make progress. You need work hard to make your dreams come true. Progress is a positive force motivating you to do your best. Goals are a good framework to set a destination and checking off milestones on the way are a good way to measure progress. Goals help to focus what are important to you and focus on the right priorities.



Always try out something new in your life! Do not limit yourself just because you are a student! Every great successor in the history was once a student also. Now, share this post and tell your friends what they must do before turning into twenty years old.

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