Are we living on Mars? If not, then you should learn English because you are staying on Earth. The major language that used by major people all around the world is English. So, it is the major bridge that connects people. It is a mind tool for people to communicate. […]

Why You Need to Learn English?

All Peninsular Malaysia Schools Close on 5 & 6 October 2015 due to haze, except Kelantan. Also, no replacement class is needed, said Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahawangsa Mahdzir Khalid. In an official notice announced by Ministry of Education Malaysia on 04/10/2015, other than Kelantan, Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak, all other schools […]

Schools Close on 5 and 6 October 2015 due to ...

4-reasons-why-students-need-exercise 1
Do you think students need exercise? My answer is Yes! You need a lot of exercise to help with your academic. Nowadays, a lot of students are lacking of exercise. “I don’t have luxurious time to do exercise.”,it’s common to be heard by us. I can definitely tell you that, […]

4 Reasons Why Students need Exercise?