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SPM 2015 Tips for Math and Addmath can help you improve your grades from B to A. I believe this is what you need most in your coming exam. Do you wish to score A or A+ in both Addmath and Math in this SPM 2015? Have you ever wonder how the top students can score 100 marks in the Mathematics and Additional Mathematics? Let me tell you how I maintain my Math and Addmath result at 95% to 100% in high school. Read SPM 2015 Tips for Mathematics and Addmaths now!

Keep Practicing is the #1 SPM 2015 Tips

The secret spm 2015 tips to Math is ‘practice makes perfect’. You need to do a lot of question to make you familiar with it. Get a suitable book to practice on Addmath and Math according to your own level. The best is to start with SPM Past Year Question 2014. This can make you familiar with the SPM trend, and have a strong grasp on the basic question. When you have mastered those questions, move on to tougher questions like HOTS or KBAT questions. If you want to practice on fundamental question, you can try Pelangi Publisher books. Consider books from Oxford or Sasbadi, when you want to strengthen your Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Might as well practise on the Trial SPM 2015 for Math and also Percubaan 2015 Addmath. You would find a number of HOTS question in it.

Practise on HOTS question like this.


If you can’t understand certain topics, keep practicing on it. After that, move to different questions for wider knowledge. Repeat the question at least twice before the SPM arrives. This would help you to remember the solution for a longer time. The same way applied to Additional Mathematics, but you should double your effort on it. Remember, the SPM 2015 Tips for Addmath and Math always require your hard work.


Understand the Concept

However, you should also understand the concept rather than just practicing on the question. This spm 2015 tips won’t success if you didn’t have a strong foundation in the knowledge. How can you understand the Addmath and Math concept deeper? There are 3 ways to do so:

1. Focus to the Teacher in Class

Each week, we have at least 3 to 4 sessions for Addmath and Math in our school. Try to stay focus whenever your teacher is explaining the new concept. If you can understand on the spot, you could handle both subjects easily later. Also, write down all the important points on a notebook.

If you can’t understand certain topic, be brave to ask. Your teacher would certainly explain it for you.

2. Attend Addmath and Math Tuition Class

What if you can’t catch up to the teacher in school? That’s what we have met in school. Well, you can’t blame the school teacher. They only have about 2 hours a week, but they have to cope with about 40 students. It’s not possible for them to take care every one of us.

Therefore, you can consider to find a tuition teacher to strengthen your Addmath and Math. Since it’s 3 months more to the SPM 2015, attend a tuition class now to make a final boost.

3. Self Study as Last Option


This is the last option for the addmath and math’s SPM 2015 tips. You can simply open the textbook and study the basic concept in it. Or, search through the internet and learn from those explaination. Only apply this when you fail to apply those 2 above. However, I personally don’t recommend this method as it takes up too much of your time. You should use more time to practise on question now.


Spend your Time Wisely

This is the most important SPM 2015 Tips for this whole post. Many of us fail to manage their time wisely. However, if you follow the study tips below, you would have no problem at all. Time is equivalent to money. Furthermore, you still have only 3 months to prepare for your SPM. So, do not waste your time on any activities that bring no value. Spend at least 30 minutes or more doing Math each day if you want to score A+ in exams. Work smart is always better than work hard. So, you can consider to have group study with your friends when doing addmath and math revision. However, do keep the number of people at a maximum of 3. This is to avoid the study group become the talking group.


Also, make yourselves a timetable. This could help you to manage your time more effective. Want to how to set up a timetable for spm? Learn it from the Tips to Focus for SPM better.


Visualize your Knowledge

Try to visualize the Mathematics and Addmath concept into colorful images. As I have mentioned in the post, Tips to Memorize Things Better, you can remember certain concepts faster in images.

Indeed, we can remember 225% more content in images compared to pure words. Look this.memorise-things-better-with-kapur-puteh

How do you think? Is the math concept clear now? This is an infographic done by Kapur Puteh on facebook. You can easily find a lot of Math-related images on their page!

Apart from that, we are living in an era of internet, make use of it! I believe every reader of this post have used Youtube at least once in your life. You can subscribe to a channel named Y=mx+c on youtube, the owner make a lot of video explaining the Mathematics and Addmath papers solution there!


Ultimate SPM 2015 Tips

Finally, this is the most powerful SPM 2015 tips for Addmath and Math. So, what is it? Understand the spm question trend. Do you know, every set of spm question has their own structure. Be familiar with the question, and pick those topics you are confident with.

In Addmath Paper 2, question 7 is always a graph question. Pick the question to answer as you have higher chances to get scores. In Addmath Section C, you can choose from four topics ( 2 in Form 4 and 2 in Form 5). You should master both topics in Form 4 (Solution of Triangles and Index Numbers). These 2 topics would always come out in SPM, and both are easier to get marks. Also, try to answer one of the Form 5 question as a backup if you can’t get full marks from the both Form 4 question.

While in Mathematics, in paper 2, the second last question would be drawing the plan. Answer this question, this would make you score definitely.

The Ultimate SPM 2015 Tips would also succeed if you try to answer as many question as you can. If you have time, answer all question instead of checking back. This is because it’s difficult for you to find problem in you long solution. After answering all question, the examiner would simply choose from question with higher marks. This promise you a way to secure your A’s in SPM.


Want to improve your Addmath and Math in this coming SPM 2015? Then, apply the SPM 2015 Tips for Addmath and Mathematics now!

You would see improvement in your Addmath and Math result in the Trial SPM 2015. Next, continue your hard work and earn A+ in your SPM 2015!

Remember this SPM 2015 Tips is not always working for you, if don’t do it with determination. Also, you could also have your own way to get A+ in Math and Addmath. How do you practice on your Addmath and Math for SPM 2015? Share your tips below.

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