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A few readers ask me about some SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips to be applied in this coming spm 2015. Are you also the one who always fail your Sejarah Paper? Then, you must read this! Sejarah has been listed as a must-passed subject since year 2013 by Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia. As mentioned by Utusan Malaysia, the reason is to nurture the patriotism value in each student. Therefore, you must put more effort on Sejarah if you want to get your SPM certificate. Let’s talk about the SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips from Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3.

First of all, Sejarah is a subject that needs you to memorize on facts and incidents. So, you have to spend a lot of time to read the textbook, in order to get a higher score in SPM. Since you still have 3 months more from now, consider to study for 3 to 5 chapter each week. If you find dizzy when facing the whole big paragraph, you can buy some reference books that summarize them into point form. Also, get yourself some Sejarah comic books which are quite popular now. This is because we can memorize images 225% faster than words, as I mentioned in the “Tips to Focus for SPM Exam Better”.

Paper 1 (Consists of 40 question and stands for 30% in total marks).

Since 40 questions is equivalent to 30% of total marks, each question is approximately equals to 1 mark. As you know, the purpose of Paper 1 is to test with our Sejarah knowledge. Thus, to get a full marks in this paper, you should try your best to study the textbook and remember those historical facts.

Tips 1 for Paper 1: Answer every question

Try to answer all questions although you are not sure about the answer. See “7 Ways to improve SPM Objective Paper” if you wish to improve your Paper 1 result. Remember, never leave your paper blank. Although you are not sure about your answer, cancel out those answers with least possible. Pick the last answer left. This could increase your percentage of getting marks by 75% !

However, if you just leave it unanswered, you won’t get any marks on it.

Tips 2: SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips for Lazy Students


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I bet you are one of the lazy students. And, this tip is right for you!

Most of the questions in Sejarah Paper 1 are set to test our knowledge. Therefore, around 80%  of the questions are asked based on the facts. In this case, there is a sure-win SPM 2015 Sejarah tips that could make you score higher marks in paper 1. This way could ensure anyone, including those who seldom read sejarah textbook, to secure at least 25 questions. Want to know more? That is, you just practice on a lot of model paper for Kertas 1.

Hmm, not convinced yet? Here’s the reason why this SPM 2015 sejarah tips is important. Think about it, have you ever did the same question in paper 1 in your exam? I bet you must have met this situation. This is because, sometime the examiners don’t want to waste so much time to think about a whole new set of questions. So, they would at least get one or two questions from past year or trial spm 2014 paper.

Furthermore, Sejarah Paper 1 is set to test our historical knowledge. Remember, all those knowledge are facts, no one could change it as what we wish. Thus, it isn’t weird if you met the same questions again and again.

Let’s have a look on some of the Trial SPM 2014 Sejarah Paper :


Trial SPM 2014 Johor

The trial spm paper 2014 is from Johor. But, how much time have you came across this question? I believe when you open any set of SPM model papers, you would at least find 2 in it. Let’s see another sample question in Sejarah Paper 1 from Melaka.


Yeah, this is another popular question in Melaka Trial SPM paper. You might fail you Sejarah Paper if you can’t answer this.

Therefore, practise on tonnes of Sejarah Paper 1 question can get you memorize all the question bank. Remember, diligent is needed along with the apply of SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips.


Ultimate SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips for Paper 1

Sejarah Paper 1 is consists of 40 question, and do you know, ratio of Form 4 and Form 5 question is 50:50? But how is that important?


Paper 2 (consists of 100 points and stands for 50% in total marks)

Paper 2 stands a lot in Kertas Sejarah SPM, and I would focus more SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips in this paper. As you know, you can find a lot of Analisis SPM Sejarah from other site or books. You can make use of those information to gain higher score in SPM.

You can also check for the Analysis Sejarah for SPM 2015 now to see what’s going to come out this year!

While in Paper 2, the main key to success is by studying really hard. You really have to remember all those facts in your textbook if you want to get high marks on it. However, the introduction of KBAT or HOTS questions do help us a lot. You no longer need to memorize 100% for Sejarah Kertas 2. Instead, in Kertas SPM 2014, 60%  of the questions are about Higher Order Thinking Skills. So, you just have to remember the facts for 40 percents of questions.

Section A (subjective question)

There are 40 marks for subjective questions. One of the SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips that I keep mentioning is, do a lot of practice. This is because, you may come through the same question during the SPM exams. Of course, you would have better memory on their answers.



Read through the question above. You may be surprised that, the marks for facts question stand only 4 marks. However, you have to secure 6 marks in KBAT questions. And do you find hard in the question? I would suppose no. Just write down any answers that is reasonable for HOTS. Most examiners are kind-heart.

Section B (essay question)

The structure for essay question is similar to subjective paper since SPM 2014. Most of them are HOTS question, so, just answer them logically. Then, the marks would be yours!

Secret SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips

What’s all about with the secret SPM 2015 sejarah tips? What I want to share with you is the marking instruction written in the marking scheme (skema jawapan). Do you know, students can write as many answers as they could during the Sejarah paper?

Let’s say, in the image above, the question asks for ‘Apakah kepentingan perlembagaan kepada negara kita‘. Although only 2 marks are given, you can actually write more than 3 or even 4 answers! Why should you do so? This is to secure your marks in question you are not confident with. However, do not so in questions that have clear answers. Or else, you would end up with insufficient time.


Paper 3 (consists for 100 points and stands for 20% in total marks)

Tips #1: Train your speed

You are given 3 hours to write down more than 2500 words. You have to ensure that you can write 14 words per minute, and at the same time, neatly. Otherwise, the examiner won’t give you any marks if they can’t understand you.

Tips #2: Gather as many info as you can.

Since you are given the main topic of Sejarah Paper 3 one month earlier, why don’t you gather all the sample answer 1 month before the SPM? Do not wait for the day before the exam, you won’t get much information. If you need any Paper 3 Sample Answer, you can visit Meja Panitia SMK Tanjung Bunga website. The teacher has provided a few sample answer of Paper 3 on each subtopics.

Tips #3: Arrange your info

Most of the students failed in this step which cause them couldn’t finish the Sejarah Kertas 3 on time. Just gathering all the information around the internet won’t be enough if you can’t find them on the exam. Arrange the subtopics you have gathered in the alphabetical order. Then, write down all those subtopics you have gathered in a paper. This would certainly help you to save your time to find the answer during the Sejarah Paper 3 session.

Ultimate SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips for Paper 3

Applying only one tip from above is not enough for you to score full marks in Sejarah Paper 3. So, the ultimate SPM 2015 sejarah tips for Paper 3 require you to apply all three tips on above during your SPM examination. Other than that, read through all the subtopics sample answer you have gathered before the exams. Why doing so? This is because, you have a clear thought about what information you have in your hands. You won’t let anxiety pull your Paper 3 marks down at the end.

Also, you can write as many answer as possible in Paper 3. If you really have much time left behind. Just do it!


This SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips won’t make any effect if you do not work hard on this Sejarah subject. The study tips that I shared above are just ways to further improve your grades in this coming SPM 2015.

How do you think about this SPM 2015 Sejarah Tips? Comment below.

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