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SPM 2014 Physics Paper and Answer is now finished prepared by the team of SPM Soalan with the help of school teacher. The download link for the physics paper is placed at the bottom of the post.

However, we do not provide the answer for Paper 3 of SPM 2014 Physics Paper. This is because you may easily get the experiment procedure from Science Practical Book. If you really have any question about paper 3, do comment below.

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SPM 2014 Physics Paper 1

Let’s have a quick look on the Paper 1 answer of Kertas Fizik SPM 2014.



There are a few HOTS question in this SPM 2014 Physics Paper, let’s discuss them now:

  • At Question 8, a boy throw a stone up, you have to understand that, the gravitational acceleration equals to -10ms^-2. The formula to solve this question is provided on the front page of the Kertas Fizik 2014.
  • At Question 15, please think carefully, why the foam would not come out from the fire extinguisher after pressing it for awhile?
  • At Question 26, read carefully which belongs to the angle of incident, and which one is the angle of refraction?

Have you got all the answer correct in Paper 1? If you do, you possibly have understood sufficiently the form 4 and form 5 physics SPM syllabus.

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SPM 2014 Physics Paper 2

Let’s have some look on the essay question of spm 2014 physics paper:

car-radiator-physics-spm-2014 (1)

This is a car radiator, the material used should be a good heat radiator.

  • On Question 10 C, you must understand the concept of rheostat before choosing this question.
  • On Question 11 C, this is a fast train, which apply the concept of electromagnetism.

Which essay question you choose to answer? Comment below and let me know.

Download the SPM 2014 Physics Paper and Answer

The physics paper is uploaded on Google Drive, click the link below to view it.


The answer for this spm 2014 physics paper is wholly prepared by SPM Soalan and we hold the copyrights. Do not delete or edit the footer in the documents without gaining permission. You may share the spm 2014 physics paper and answer or print it out, to be provided that the content is not edited. If you find any mistakes in the paper, please comment below immediately. I will replace it as soon as possible.

Previously, I uploaded the spm 2014 question on http://www.spmsoalan.wordpress.com without the answer provided. Now, I would like to post the spm 2014 physics paper here as we have moved to this new site. If you have emailed me to get the answer, I will respond to your email as soon as possible.


The SPM 2014 Physics Paper (Kertas Fizik SPM 2014) consists of some KBAT question. However, most students report that, they can answer it easily.

How do think about this physics paper? Comment below.

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