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SPM 2014 Mathematics Paper and Answer is now finished prepared by the team of SPM Soalan with the help of school teacher. The download link for the mathematics paper is placed at the bottom of the post.

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SPM 2014 Mathematics (Matematik) Paper 1

Let’s have a quick look on the Paper 1 answer of Kertas Matematik SPM 2014.




SPM 2014 Mathematics Paper 2

Let’s have some look on the essay question of spm 2014 mathematics paper:

Question 2:


This is Question No.2 in Kertas 2 Matematik SPM 2014. Yeah, the question about jackfruit and durian which people joke around last year. It consists some KBAT element in it, but this question is quite easy though.

Solution: Change the durian and jackfruit into x and y. 


Question 3:


This is the Question no.3 in SPM 2014 Mathematics Paper. Think about it, how do you find the value of ? If you manage to get the value, then the answer would be clear.

Solution: When the rocket hits the ground, h=0.


Download the SPM 2014 Mathematics Paper and Answer

The spm mathematics paper is uploaded on Google Drive, click the link below to view it. You would first be directed to the sponsor link. Wait for 5 seconds, then Click Skip Ads. Enjoy the SPM Paper!


The answer for this spm 2014 mathematics paper (kertas matematik spm 2014) is wholly prepared by SPM Soalan and we hold the copyrights. Do not delete or edit the footer in the documents without gaining permission. You may share the spm 2014 mathematics paper and answer or print it out, to be provided that the content is not edited. If you find any mistakes in the paper, please comment below immediately. I will replace it as soon as possible.

Previously, I uploaded the spm 2014 question on http://www.spmsoalan.wordpress.com without the answer provided. Now, I would like to post the spm 2014 mathematics paper here as we have moved to this new site. If you have emailed me to get the answer, I will respond to your email as soon as possible.

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The SPM 2014 Mathematics Paper (Kertas Matematik SPM 2014) consists of some KBAT question. However, I believe you can easily find the solution.

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