PENANG SCHOLAR of Penang Future Foundation – My Scholarship Application Experience

Scholarship Application -PFF Penang

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Before we begin the experience of my scholarship application, let me give you a quick introduction to the Penang Future Foundation Scholarship. It is a scholarship program initiated by the Penang State Government that offers two types of scholarship, namely Penang Scholar and Mutiara Scholar. For more details of this scholarship, please visit Penang Future Foundation Scholarship – Penang Scholar and Mutiara Scholar.

Let’s continue with my experience now. I have been following a website called afterschool and obtain the information about Penang Future Foundation Scholarship through there. As I aim to be a financial burden free student during my tertiary study, I wanted a scholarship that can fully fund my university tuition fees and living expenses. That’s what pushes me to apply for this scholarship to fund my degree course in Actuarial Science. The scholarship application starts in May and ends in June every year. It has only 2 stages, the online application and the interview stage. In three years ago, there was only Penang Scholar offered by the foundation, but they have added Mutiara Scholar recently to cater to the needs of a larger group of students.

Stage 1: Online Application

Filling up scholarship application forms should become a norm to you. For this scholarship, you can only submit the application and supporting documents online. As stated in the Penang Future Foundation website, application and documents submitted over the counter or send in via post or email will not be accepted. Hence, do make sure that you have access to a computer for the ease of application. I had been filling the application form cautiously and making sure that the way I structure the sentence can land me an interview. I used my A-Level results to apply for this scholarship as it does not allow application using SPM result. You may apply to the PFF scholarship even if you have started your undergraduate course.

Stage 2: Interview by PFF Panels (Final Stage)

A few weeks after the closing of the application period, I have received a from PFF! It was a great surprise. Only shortlisted students are called up to attend an interview before panels convened by PFF.

On the interview day, you would have to bring along all the original copies of documents submitted during the application process. There will be manual verification of documents done prior to the interview. Hence, always prepare your documents and certificates for their reference. The interview took place at a research building of Penang Future Foundation. I was interviewed by two panels, who are both lawyers.

I talked about how the nature of this course can bring benefits to the state.

Gan Yee Fei, Penang Scholar of Penang Future Foundation

The interview started with my introduction then proceeded to my extracurricular activities. The panels asked me how extracurricular activities had helped my life. I also talked about how the degree course that I selected can help the development of Penang state. As I have chosen to pursue an Actuarial Science degree course, I talked about how the nature of this course can bring benefit to the state. Most of the topics during the interview surround my extracurricular activities and how can I contribute to the development of Penang.

Waiting for result

I was nervously waiting for the confirmation from PFF. It was a really competitive scholarship application as the probability for me to succeed in the last round was only around 33%. After 2 weeks, I finally received a call from PFF. They informed me that my application was accepted! I can pursue my Actuarial Science degree course fully funded by the scholarship! I was one of the 50 lucky recipients of the PFF – Penang Scholar scholarship.

Bottom Line

I strongly encourage all students to apply for any scholarships that deem suitable to support your studies. Try to apply as much as you can. By the way, don’t look down on the first stage of filling in the application.  You need to be smart in completing the application form so that you can secure an interview. Wishing you all the best in your application!

Yee Fei is currently a PFF – Penang Scholar pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science at UCSI University. If you intend to contact her for more details on this scholarship, you can comment below or contact our team at and we will forward the message to her!

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