MUET vs IELTS, Which English Test to Choose From


MUET vs IELTS? Are you thinking of which English Test you should take in future? This could be a hard decision as it may affect your universities application.

MUET vs IELTS, Why Matters to you?

I know you have not heard anything about them. Both MUET and IELTS are exams which measure your ability to communicate in English. Usually, you require a minimum score in the language examinations before getting into any University. You would be tested from reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

To make it simple, MUET is created for you to enroll in the Malaysia Public Universities. On the other hand, IELTS is meant for foreign universities entry requirement.

In the MUET vs IELTS Infographic below, I provide some key differences between the 2 major english test. Since this is a large image, view it in a device with bigger screen.

Click on the MUET vs IELTS Comparison Infographic below to see a larger view:

MUET vs IELTS Comparison Infographic


Click here to view an enlarged version of this Infographic.


Here is also Tips for you to Get Band 6 in your MUET examination! Check it out:

Nak Lulus Cemerlang Dalam Exam MUET? Klik Sini!

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Some Extra Information

In addition, the registration fees for both English test vary a lot. According to MPM, the total fees for sitting MUET exam would be RM 101.06.

  • RM 40 for registration fees.
  • RM 60 for course fees.
  • RM 1.06 for BSN’s service charge with 6% GST.

Remember, you can buy the pin number from any Bank Simpanan Nasional counter.

Whereas, for IELTS, the cost of sitting for the test is RM 750.00 (inclusive of GST). You read it from the official site of British Council. Also, it is advisable to register for IELTS 2 months before as it is using a first-come-first-serve basis.


Which should you choose when come to MUET vs IELTS?

Well, it depends a lot of where are you going to study. MUET serves the purpose for you to enter the local universities. However, IELTS provide you a global ticket. I believe both of them have an equal standard of language evaluation.

Finally, do your best during the preparation no matter which one you choose.

Which test are you going to take? Comment below.

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