How to Memorise Things Better in SPM


Tips to Memorise Things Better in SPM is always a Hot topic being discussed among students. Let’s reveal the ways to memorise knowledge easier now!

In this competitive world, scoring good result in SPM is not an easy task . Memorising is an amazing technique. You would use this technique for your whole life. Brain is a great invention by God just like the nucleus in a cell. Without brain,we can’t control ourselves such as memorising, doing homework, learning new knowledge and so on. Our brain is divided into two part, the left and the right part.Our left part of brain is responsible for language,strategic,communication,scientific skill,calculate and control our right hand. While our right brain is responsible for 3D shape in our mind, arts,imagination and control our left hand.

So, how can we memorise things better in SPM? Let’s follow the tips one by one.

1# Keep discussing and sharing the knowledge that you know with other people.

According to the scientific investigation, those people who like to share knowledge with other people memorise things better. For an example, teachers who teach us, they share knowledge with us. From them, we can notice that they can memorise things better than we do. But why? Because they share knowledge with us. Knowledge is prime that can civilise this world. Keep in mind “the more knowledge you share, the more things you can memorise.” Amazing right? You can try this skill by having study group with your friends. Group studying can also motivates us in SPM! One thing that you need to know is we have to listen to the others opinions and their knowledge. If we keep talking,we only can know the knowledge that we already knew. I would like to give a piece of advice, listen and sharing are two most important things in this world.

” The man who listen well is gold, the man who speak well is silver and for those who can do both are DIAMOND!”


2# Frequently Write and Rewrite notes helps Memorise Things Better

Sticky note is very useful nowadays. You can write the notes you know on a piece of stick notes. Paste it on your wall and your wardrobe. Everytime you enter your room or taking out your clothes before you bath, you can have a look of your notes that you have written. The more times you repeat this step, the more you can memorise. When you are learning something new, you can always let the stick note be your best friend. Write down whatever you know on that piece of stick note. Read the stick notes overtime before you go to bed. You can stick the stick notes in a book, and you can bring them everywhere. Simple right? But the most important thing is frequently write and read them.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So, plan the stick note as your best buddy to memorise things better for this coming SPM!


3# Prepare some tests for yourself

Test is not an exam, you can do the test whenever you want. Test is just to make sure that you still remember the things that you have memorised. Our brain got one part which we call it as cortex. This part is same with the computer storage, it can store many information that you want. Try to imagine that you have the ability “copy and paste”. Fabulous right? The cortex of our brain is destined to undergo evolution. You can have your test, after you have memorise something. Prepare a paper for yourself and write all the things that you have memorised without checking books. One day, you will be really amazed what your brain can memorise things better and you don’t have short term memory loss anymore. There’s some tips if you want to study for last minute.

” A man doesn’t know what he knows until he knows what he doesn’t know.”


4# Visualize your Knowledge

Visualized contents are proven to be absorbed by students faster than plain text or words. Try visualize what you have learnt, to memorise things faster. By how? Here’s some examples, the facebook page, Kapur Puteh have turned complicated mathematics notes into simple images.


This simple image could help our brain to absorb new knowledge by 200x faster than plain text. Also, try to watch some videos on Youtube to memorise things better. I personally suggest Y=mx+c on youtube, if you want to improve your Additional Mathematics and Mathematics.


Don’t go through life, grow through life. We are human and we are high intelligent organism in this world. Memorising can be easy if you apply these techniques.

Remember dream bigger. If you got a dream, you got to protect it. Don’t believe “I can’t do something.” You can do more than you think because human spirit has unlimited power. In a nutshell, apply these 4 ways to Memorise Things Better for SPM now!

If you got any other ways to memorise things better, please comment below.



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