How to memorize better for what you study or read?

How to memorize better what you study or read?

A few days ago, there was a SPM students complained to me that he maybe suffering from memory loss. He told me that he can’t recall and remember what he already studied. He study average 4 hours a day at home. I think that should be enough time for students to prepare for exams and absorb the knowledge from the books. But why we sometimes just can’t recall and memorize those knowledge we get from books. Let me tell you what i have learned.

These efficient ways to study and memorize can be broken down into 4 parts. Let’s start from the first part.

1. Start early

In Germany, they have 20 hours of classes a week. For every hour of class time, they would spend 1 hour before and 1 hour after the class studying. As soon as teachers finished a lesson, I would go to the teachers and asked what books would be relevant to study and how can I applied them in life.

Most of us believe that we can just study for a test a month or a week prior to the exam.They have the procrastination mindset “ I can finished this subject in one week or even less, 3 days.”  Those ways are just doesn’t work out often. This makes us lazier to study and often forget what we have studied. Even though those ways may work sometime, but we can’t gamble our exams with those mindsets ,right”. From my experience, those mindsets will only hold your back. 


2. Treat your time in class as review time.

Most of the teachers cannot cover the whole syllabus, so that’s your job to teach yourself. Instead of waiting for teachers to teach you, why don’t you start learning yourself at home and ask questions later in class? Here are my tips.

First, you need to read the relevant chapter and aim to understand at least 80% of it before you go into class. This will help you to review the things that you have read before and it somehow will stimulate your neurone in brain to recall better. Not only that, you have to ask questions about the another 20% that you don’t understand.Second, review those 20% after class. Practice that 20% a lot with questions and quiz. Finally, you have to pay attention in class and use most of your time in class to listen attentively instead of just being physically present.


3. Prepare your own note cards.

Listen carefully, you only have to prepare note cards for those stuff you cannot remember. Too many note cards will distract your attention and jeopardize your reading mood. When I was in secondary school, many smart classmates made flash cards with important details. They read a couple of note cards every day especially when the exams around the corner.

After you have finished your own note cards, please review them often. If you fail to review your note cards, what is the point of spending your time in making those things? Review the material consistently over months until you remember.

4. Study with friends to memorize better.

Only gather those friends who will really study with you. I would like to this group “ brainstorm”. Gather friends is the important session in doing this “brainstorm” groups. Once you have your own partners, you are good to go. Why you have to do it?  The reason is they are able to focus on the material that you barely touch or study. They can teach you and help you to recall. For my advice, gather around 4 people to make a group but don’t make it more than 6 members in a group.

Have one goal in your mind, “ I join this group because there is something great that i need to learn”. When your friends start chitchatting, you tell them that they have gone too far from the things that you all need to focus.

Last, I hope what I have written can help you. Now, share this and benefit your friends.

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