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Wondering how is the life in Form 6 would be? Planning to join Form 6 but not sure if you got the right choice? Then, I will tell you the clear description about STPM life!


After your SPM, you can easily choose from certain Pre-U program. You can either choose to join National Matriculation (Matrikulasi), Foundation courses (Asasi), A-level, Form 6 / STPM, or any pre-u from other countries.


In fact, before you receive your SPM result, you can apply to the UPU. You just need to buy the UPU pins from any BSN outlets. Then, fill up the form through Internet.


Or maybe you can apply some private universities like Taylor, Sunway and more. Waiting for the Matriculation result during April can be a wise option too!


The last benefit that government provides to you is STPM. However, there is an enter condition for Form 6. You have to at least score 3 Credits in your SPM.


Now, I’m going to introduce you guys the life in Form 6.


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Form 6 isn’t the worst choice. Maybe you heard rumors that describes Form 6 as very difficult to score well and you start freaking yourself out. Form 6 might be hard. You have to study every day and at least spend 5 hours in front of the books. However, you also have to study hard even you choose A-level or Matriculation.


As you know, STPM is one of the hardest exam in the world. Therefore, its certificate is qualified by all countries in the world. What does this means? This shows that you can apply to Top Universities  in the world using STPM result.


As compared to Matriculation, STPM is more competitive when applying oversea universities.


After you finish the STPM, if you score 3.0 pointer and above, you will receive the universities letters from local universities. This depends on the program you wish to pursue in university. You will need higher pointer


If you score CGPA 4.0, you can apply to JPA scholarships, and mostly your application will be approved. However, remember, there are a lot Form 6 students out there. The large number of STPM student will make the JPA interview become competitive. Therefore, not only achieving excellent STPM result, you should also possess certain life skills. One of the rules is you have to work for the government certain years.


Form 6 life is very alike to SPM student’s life.

Academic Life in Form 6

Form 6 students have to complete a 3 semesters academic period. Each semester will last for half year. So, the whole Form 6 period will be one and half year. Life in Form 6 will be a bit hectic. You have to catch up a lot of syllabus and complete some assignments as well. However, these assignments contribute marks in the STPM result. After that, you will have one exam for each semesters. The average of these semesters exam would represent your STPM results.


Let’s have a look at the example:

Examinations in STPM


Semester 1 100
Semester 2 90
Semester 3 80
Average (100+90+80)/3 = 90


  • Not putting all the eggs in a basket.
  • You can try to pull back your STPM result if you fail to get high marks at first
  • Learn to maintain your results throughout the Form 6 life.
  • Allow you to retake your paper.


If you fail to score well in one of those exams, don’t worry you can still retake your exams. Only the third semester’s exam is not allowed to be retaken.


The retake pathway will look like this:


Even you are allowed to retake the semester exam, still, try your best in every examinations. This could save you a lot of time.


Workload of Form 6 Students

The workload in STPM might wary among each teachers. Some teachers will give you a lot of works but other will not. As you know, practice always makes perfect. Just take all these works as a tool for you to prepare your upcoming STPM. Having a positive attitude is prominent and face the challenge with opened heart.

If you think that those works from teachers is not enough for you, you can buy yourself some reference books. However, finding books for STPM is not as easy as A-level. Try some bigger bookstores.


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Extracurricular Activities in STPM

The extracurricular life in Form 6 is exactly the same as Form 5 students. You are required to take part in the ECA. JPAM (Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia) is an activity specially crafted for STPM students. These kind of activities might be carried out in morning or evening. Thus, staying back for classes and ECA is a common practice of the life in Form 6.

Life in STPM could be Fun!

Lastly, Form 6 is hard but it is one of the progress of growth in our life. Face it and don’t avoid. Keep calm and love Form 6 life. And, do you know, you can now wear your own formal attire to class in Form 6! Mobile phones and laptops are allowed in some schools too!

How do you think about Form 6? Which Pre-U program would you choose? Comment below!

*Disclaimer* The content above is just belong to the writer’s personal opinion. Certain subjective statement might differs among each person.

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30 thoughts on “Life in Form 6 or STPM Baharu

    • John Wong

      miss veronica,
      who said so? maybe you have met some stpm students who are at the average lvl but that doesn’t mean all form 6 students’ standard become deteriorate right?

      I am a current Form 6 student, and I find our standard is improving.

    • SPM Soalan Post author

      Hi Miss Joanne,
      You do not need to apply anything, if you pass your SPM, then you will be qualified for the Form 6 course.
      Do follow this site, I will update info about how to check the form 6 intake around April 2016.


  • James Chong

    If we score like 4.0 for STPM, is it possible that we apply JPA or other scholarships from private associatiom to furthur our study at overseas?

    • SPM Soalan Post author

      Hi Harry,

      To make it clear, UPU is like a union of all public universities in malaysia (universiti awam). It consists of UTM, UKM, UPM, UiTM and etc. Therefore, we can apply to UPU using our SPM result and study for foundation courses in the universities. Or, you can apply to the universities using UPU after your STPM, then, continue you degree studies.

      In short, it is better to apply to UPU for a wider course selection in future. May I know what is your dream course?

      • Harry

        Still can apply? I thought already closed? Hmm, actually I was thinking of if my result is good, I’d go for Pharmacy, if average, I’d go for Accounts or Teaching… At the moment I think of going for Form 6, but I have PLKN… Do you think I can apply Form 6 after my PLKN which is around June? Can I apply STPM on 2017? Sorry too much question

        • SPM Soalan Post author

          Hi Harry, yes still can apply….actually you have to purchase the pin UPU from BSN since 18 January 2016 and apply through internet. The fees is RM15.60. I will write a detail post about the purchasing steps for this pin. Stay tuned!

          Alright, let’s say you have a good result, I believe you will have a high possibility to enter Matriculation, or, if you apply to the UPU, you may even qualified to enter the foundation courses (kelas asasi) in public universities! Then, in this case, you won’t have to worry about the date since the school starts quite late.

          If you are entering Form 6, you need to accept the offer through online first. In this case, you might need to make an appeal through JPN so that you can enter in 2017. According to the rule, if you can’t enter Form 6 through panggal 1 (around May), you have to wait till 2017.

          It’s ok, wish you goodluck!

    • SPM Soalan Post author

      Hi Subranim, i personally suggest to join A-lvl after your spm, heard BAC provide a good program there. However, if you want to study lawyer in public universities, you can only choose matriculation or stpm.

    • SPM Soalan Post author

      Hi Brian, you have to pay for the course fee. However, the fees are relatively low as it would roughly cost you not more than RM3000 a year (depends on the course). Or, you can try to take a loan from PTPTN or other scholarships. May I know what course are you going to take?

  • Anis nabilah syuhada bt md jalil

    Kalau saya tak ambil subjek akaun semasa spm,tetapi daya ingin ambil akaun semasa form6 boleh ke ?adakah saya sempat untuk cover semula semua topik since form4 ?

  • Mia

    Hi, I am a private SPM candidate who just got my result. And I wish to take STPM. May I know how to apply form 6? Do I have to enroll into schools or what?

  • Sheny

    Hey there:) I would like to know when does form 6 starts in 2016? Do i have to print out the offer letter frm online and register in the school offered to me?And lastly my personal question,is it really hard to cope form 6? Thanks..

  • Audrey

    Hi! I’m considering to continue my studies in form 6 as it is affordable and takes shorter time than taking diploma. However, could you explain more why STPM is the hardest in the world. Is it really that hard?

  • Maria Peter

    I have already applied upu and I am planning to do form 6. But I am still not sure about it. :/ can I know when can I get the email / letter from UPU?

  • Suzzem Neyhaa

    i got accepted for the form 6 programe. i just want to clarify thatm, is there class everyday for form 6? and when is the 2017 intake?

  • Wee Kiat

    I score B3 in Bahasa Cina, English Language, Matematik, Pendidikan Moral, Sejarah and Bahasa Melayu. D7 for Fizik, Kimia, Sains Pertanian and Matematik Tambahan. I score 9 points from 3 different category subjects, but I am disqualified for form 6 Sastera. First excuse is I am from science stream but then I realized most of my ex-classmates were accepted. So I apply for the next year, and another excuse they gave is student who score A in Bahasa Malaysia will get the priority to accept in form 6. I retake BM 4 times in SPM but never able to score A. I was forced to give up after I reached my maximum ages.