5 Tips to get Motivation in SPM


Have you ever wonder, how did the Top Student get motivation in SPM? You do can achieve great result in SPM through some tips and tricks. Everyone has unlimited potential that haven’t been discovered. Why top students can succeed in the studies but not you? Because they apply the 5 Tips to get motivation in SPM as stated below.


Tips 1 – Set a goal to get motivation in SPM

You will only be consistent to work hard for your SPM when you’re motivated by dynamic purposes. Think about your future after SPM and the ambition that you want to achieve, why spm is so important to you? You can set the goal into short-term goal and long-term goal.

In short-term goal:
Tell yourselves what to do after school today? Practise on Mathematics objective question? Revising a chapter of Biology? Or, finishing a whole set of SPM Trial Paper?
By doing so, you may find yourselves easily to achieve these goals in studies. Thus, this would keep you motivated for SPM!

In long-term goal:
Give yourselves a schedule to achieve in 2 weeks or 1 month, like completely understanding the whole Form 5 Additional Mathematics in 3 weeks. Also, define your true purpose and evaluate your purpose by considering questions, such as: ‘What I really want to do?” and “How can I achieve that?”
Having a true purpose and knowing what it is will be the rocket fuel to get motivated and help you stay motivated during SPM!


By combining the short-term goal and long-term goal for SPM, this is the example:

You are a science stream student in SPM, you wish to be lecturer in future, but you still have yet 4 months to sit for this Big examinations. Therefore, it’s important for you to get motivation in SPM! How? What you need to do is, today, you are going to finish a set of Sejarah Trial Paper from Kedah (this is a short goal for SPM). Tomorrow, you should finish practising the Prinsip Perakaunan Trial Paper from Pulau Pinang (another short goal to achieve in spm).

After that, you have to totally understand the whole Form 4 Sejarah topic in 2 weeks (a long goal to achieve in SPM). By doing this, you would find yourselves achieving your dreamt result gradually. Then, keep motivating yourselves, your lecturer’s days would be there soon!


Tips 2 – Be Passion for motivation SPM

I believe most of you would feel stressed or bored during the period of SPM. However, you can change that when you start building a passion in certain subjects. You can start with your favourite subject during the revision. What is your favourite subject? Mine would be Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

Then, have an idol in your life who is passionate with his or her career. Have you ever met someone who is passionate about what they do? Is Nichole Ann David passionate about squash? .You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. Always tell yourself you can get 10 A+ in SPM!

If you aren’t passionate about the things that you are doing, you can’t get motivation in SPM. Feeling hard to you? No, it’s not. It’s just you haven’t find your favourite subject in spm.

Unfortunately, there are many people walking this planet who do not have any passion about what they are doing. They had given up their dreams. Passion is the motivation in spm that drives you to excellence and superior results.


Tips 3 – Be a non-stop learning machine in SPM

Learning is what most students and adults will do in the 21st century.

Every day, you must be willing to reinvent yourself. Because the shelf life of knowledge is so short in the society, the knowledge you know doesn’t last very long. Especially, the introduction of HOTS and KBAT question in SPM since the year of 2013.

Reading and continuous learning will separate you from the rest of students. You will be able to perform better in SPM KBAT question – and that is very motivating.


Remember, don’t ever study your SPM last minute, it won’t guarantee a good result for you!


Tips 4 – Practice long term thinking

Most people who are successful in life have long-term thinking. They plan and have long term goals, I believe a lot of students practise that in SPM too! They can clearly articulate those plans and act with an eye toward the long term. One CEO in Japan, Masayoshi Son, not only has a ten year plan, but a 300 year plan!

Practicing long term thinking will keep you motivated. You will know your next move and targets. You will look at all of the decisions that you’ve got to make, and you will decide the answers based on the long term.


Tips 5 – Reward yourself as motivation in SPM

When you set goals, and achieve them, it is absolutely essential to reward yourself for the hard work. For example, if you achieve a 8A’s in mid-year examinations, threat yourself a feast or an album of your idol. However, don’t ever buy yourself a PS4, that won’t gain you motivation in SPM.

One of the keys to get motivation in SPM is seeing tangible results for your efforts. If you are really working hard and doing what you should be doing, at some point, you will get tired of doing it. Especially if you can’t see any progress in Trial SPM, or you feel like you aren’t improving in SPM. It is important to learn how to create self-incentives to help drive your motivation for spm. So, reward yourself from today if you are really doing something awesome.


If you apply these tips for motivation in SPM, keep going!

Remember, set a goal, keep passionate, learning continuously, practise long-term learning, then, reward yourself when you achieve your goal in SPM! By applying the tips, you would keep motivated in SPM!

Stay positive and good luck for SPM! How do you keep yourself motivated in spm? Comment below.

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