Should I Study in Malaysia or Oversea?

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    I’m gonna have SPM this year but I am not sure what to go after.
    Most of my friends are going to study at overseas, but I don’t think my parent will allow me to do the same.
    Is getting an overseas certificate better than Malaysia cert? What are the difference, better job opportunities?
    I heard we can receive overseas degree without really need to go overseas. Is that true?

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    Actually it depends to you. No one can tell you what should do except yourself.
    Study overseas might not always be as fun as you think. My friend is discriminated in the class because of the color of his skin. Ask yourself, are you strong enough to withstand even in that situation?

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    Hey Soloman, I came from Jordan and to be honest, the quality of education here in Malaysia is satisfying. Of course there will be something better, but for the price, I would say that you are getting value for it.

    I think you should really find research well which University you want to go too and which degree, those are very important! And I am proud that I chose UCSI.

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    It all boils down to what you want to do and achieve. Studying locally or abroad has different benefits. Now, you can even opt to studying few years here and finish off your course overseas with partner universities. Think about what you want to study, and then base your research from there. What you find out will give you more info which will help you out! Good luck 🙂

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    Hey all, this is a very hot topic especially now that the market is soft and the ringgits down. I personally believe that while there are benefits to reap from studying overseas there are also affordable options for those who cannot afford it.

    Do you know that we have about 10 foreign branch campuses in Malaysia? There’s Southampton, Monash, Curtin, Swinburne, Reading and etc. This foreign branch campuses offer the same syllabus as their UK/AU campus. With that said, you get to earn a foreign qualification at a fraction of the cost.

    Another option would be the twinning programs offered by private colleges and universities. The 3+0 twinning program is ideal ’cause you get to receive a foreign qualification without having to travel overseas — there are flexible options wherein a student can study a semester in the foreign university.

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    I am doing a 2+2 twinning program at the Taylor’s. I guess that way i’d get to experience both local and foreign education.

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    The answer to your question is it depends.

    Depending on the requirements of the company you plan to join in the future. However, these days, many companies have learned to be more relaxed when it comes to judging a person through their grades/ university. They know that a student’s capability in performing tasks at work does not depends on whether or not he/she is a constant A student or whether the university they are from are of the higher ranked ones. In fact, there are many local students who graduated with an overseas degree who are unemployed.

    When it comes to securing an employment, it depends on your involvement in extracurricular activity in uni, your resume presentation and on how well you handle the interview process.

    I think Lyn has provided really good info on the foreign university branches in Msia. Even in certain unis there are twinning programs that allow you to do 2 years in Msia + 1 year overseas OR 1 year Msia+ 2 years overseas. In HELP University for example, you get programmes like the University of London (UOL) that provides the exact course structure and uses the exact textbooks as students in the actual UOL use! You get to complete it all in Msia and earn a cert from the UOL as well.

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    I used to think that study overseas is a better option since it frequently offers a top-level education quality, until then I conducted a small survey on Toluna. Perhaps most of you here also familiar with this survey platform before.

    On that survey, I asked several participants about what is the better study option between studying overseas or inside your country. It turned out that 50% of all participants chose “Depend on what study are you taking”. It further strengthen my findings when I found out that it’s actually wasting time if you’re intending to study a subject that can be learned on your own country. And so does the prospect career.

    It all depends on you. I advise to do a little bit of research on your desired faculty as well as the career outcomes. Any study branches can promise decent job opportunities; the only thing is that you have based your study on your own decision, on what you believe is good for your future career prospect.

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