How difficult is STPM?


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    Any of the stpm leavers can share your experiences about stpm| What is the best strategy to study for stpm? Is it really hard to score 4.0?

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    For me, the best way was practising with reference book questions.

    Is it difficult to score 4.0? I would say yes, hence the low percentage of 4.0 students.

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    I am a matriculation student. Second intake. I am currently at Negeri Sembilan doing my matriculation. I am actually planning to quit and go for STPM. Any opinion?

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    Why do you want to quit matriculation? Would you mind telling us the reason?

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    because I am not used to the dorm life in my campus. Joanne, have you been to stpm before?

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    Yes Hafiz, I graduated STPM with a CGPA of 4.00. I would say, STPM is very difficult. It is said to be the hardest examination in this nation. Therefore, it would be unreasonable if I tell you it is easy. You must be able to handle the stress.

    You will be given plenty of assignment. Also, ensure that you are focus in class. Focus on what is being thought in class and always try to study on your own. Read and read and read until you understand the knowledge. Discuss with your friends and always ask questions to your teachers.

    Finally, remember that studying is about gaining knowledge. There is no point if you are able to obtain a good result but you are not knowledgeable. Don’t wait till last minute to do the practise questions. Enjoy your days in Form 6. I enjoyed mine and it was Form 6 that thought me a lot which helps me to cope up in my university. All the best!

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    I also find tit is hard for students have interest in the class. It is so difficult for teachers to stimulate students on the class. So I think maybe it is a good way to add some activities games to arise students’ interest/

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    tvdb is down since 5-6 hours ago
    nobody mentioned that
    Please confirm you are aware of it
    also what is the reason?
    I hope its not serious

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    Not spending superfluous words.

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