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SPM Soalan shares all subjects of Soalan SPM, Kertas Percubaan SPM (SPM Trial Paper) and HOTS or KBAT questions for Form 4 and Form 5 students in Malaysia. SPM Soalan is established to aid all secondary school students to achieve better results in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examinations. We help students to get more A’s or even A+ in this most significant exams in our life.

Who we are?

How we Help

We have helped more than 2,000 SPM students through our Twitter and Facebook page. Look what students say to us, maybe your friends are in there:


Why we build SPM Soalan

The main author, James was inspired by a lot of Malaysia educational website out there which shares SPM papers and information to all of the students. Below is his statement:

I am benefited from other website but there’s something missing. Since this is the Social Media’s era, it would be perfect if the author can engage the students through social media.

You’re right, the little statement above, makes SPM Soalan today on a whimp. Therefore, what we are being concerned is that all students out there should be benefited even without search through engine. But how? We would deliver these soalan spm papers through social media. And, it would be totally FREE !


History of SPM Soalan

Previously, SPM Soalan is build on a free hosted WordPress.com site, namely, www.spmsoalan.wordpress.com since 3rd of December, 2014. It was the day when James finished his SPM examinations. After creating for nearly seven months, then moved to this whole new self-hosted website since 19th of June, 2015.

Though building for merely 7 months, we managed to gain more than 200,000 visitors from all around Malaysia. This figure motivates us to share more high quality contents to you. We hope you can gain more benefits from SPM Soalan.


What SPM Papers We Share:

SPM Past Years Paper (Kertas Sebenar Soalan SPM)

Although there are some published books in the store you can find SPM Pasts Years Papers (Kertas Sebenar SPM) , many students would still prefer to get it FREE! Hence, SPM Soalan would try our best to collect these soalan spm papers from Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia. However, there’s still seldom answer provided for the spm paper resource, as it is confidential. Don’t worry, we would provide a set of suggested answer, prepared by school teacher for reference.

SPM Trial Paper (Kertas Percubaan SPM)

Every year, students can get many SPM Trial Paper (Kertas Percubaan SPM) from their teachers. However, what we do is to ensure that all Trial SPM Papers are collected here. You can save a lot of time to collect them one by one. Why should you practice on Kertas Percubaan SPM? This is because, the question set in Kertas Percubaan are usually a forecast of what’s going to come out in the real SPM examinations. Therefore, be sure that you can practice on all of them before the exams arrived.

SPM HOTS and KBAT Question

Since the year of 2013, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia rolls out the concept of Higher Order Thinking Skills question in SPM. But let’s see what is KBAT question , which scare many students and teachers when the first time we heard of it. Though it might be difficult, it really improve our SPM result’s standard. Some students find it helpful when dealing with some real life questions. We would collect a great amount of HOTS and KBAT question for you to quickly adapt to it, and perform well in your SPM.

SPM Modules for Form 4 and Form 5

Other than the resources above, you won’t want to miss out the topical or perfect score modules. There are a lot modules out there created by teachers which is very useful. It covers the basic knowledge and by practicing topic by topic, we can holistically understand what we have learnt in the respective chapter. Unquestionably, this would improve our results by leaps and bounds.

SPM Tips and Notes

Keep calm, this is not the “Tips” or Soalan SPM Bocor, we won’t ever share that as this won’t help you to improve. Then, what is SPM tips? To be frankly, there are a lot of smart ways to study and achieve great grades that you didn’t know before. For instance, you would know when is the best time to study. This would greatly improve your result with less effort.

Disclaimer *

All the papers collected are copyright reserved by other party and what we do is just sharing with you. SPM Soalan didn’t own the right of the papers, we would give credits to the source of papers under every posts.

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